IM Corona Old Boy Year Model 2018 Silver


The art of inlaying was developed in Damascus about 600 BC. The skill came to Japan via
China, where it has been perfected over the centuries. Noble wood, ivory, bone and
tortoiseshell served as decorative materials. In Japan, people soon liked the processing
of mother-of-pearl, which was used to decorate jewelry boxes, samurai armor, musical or 
writing instruments. Lighters were also popular objects. On the occasion of the World 
Exhibition in Paris in 1878, Japanese arts and crafts received worldwide attention. 
And even today there are still some artists in Japan who have mastered the processing of 
this extremely filigree material. Piece by piece, the mother-of-pearl is "dissected" 
into small pieces and reassembled, taking into account the natural mother-of-pearl 
mirror. A work in the micro millimeter range. A bow to the craft. For lovers of 
something special. Coated with rhodium

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