Cigar Bar


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Cigar Bar™ Humidifier

We’ve prefilled our Cigar Bar making it even easier to use. Just remove the wrapper and drop it into your travel humidor and it goes to work! Its slim shape and size is perfect for your travel case or humidor to maintain a perfect 70% Relative Humidity. When it’s time to refill, the Cigar Bar™ comes with two easy-fill openings. Perfect for your travel case or small humidor.

Cigar Bar in Humidor

The crystals will shrink slowly as water evaporates over time. Simply refill the bar with XIKAR propylene glycol solution to recharge the humidifier.


  • Prefilled and ready to use. Simply remove the wrapper and drop it into your humidor
  • Features two new easy-fill openings
  • Slow, steady release of constant humidity of 70%
  • Regulates humidity for up to 50 cigars
  • Refill with XIKAR PG Solution once each month or as necessary, when crystals shrink to about half their size.