Grinder Aerospaced 2 layers 50mm


  • The Aerospaced by Higher Standards 2-Piece 50 mm Grinder features sharp, diamond-shaped teeth that shred material to a fine and even consistency—preparing you for an unmatched dry herb experience.Aerospaced by Higher Standards offers a line of quality grinders, engineered with high precision from durable materials. All their grinders are crafted from one solid block of aircraft-grade aluminium for reliable sturdiness. The anodized finish ensures the coating will not flake in your precious herbs, or scratch away like cheaply-made grinders.This precision-engineered 2-part 50 mm grinder is a medium pocket-sized grinder, and comes in a stylish black.
  • 2-piece 50 mm grinder.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminium.
  • Sharp diamond-shaped teeth give a fine and consistent grind
  • Magnetic lid to keep the content safe and prevent spillage.





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